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Hebei Webian Medical Devices Trading Co., Ltd. Room 2703, Block A1, Shidai Ark, Guang ‘an Street, Chang ‘an District, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province. The legal representative is Su Jiujun. The business scope includes the sale of medical devices, pre-packaged food, leasing of medical devices, import and export of goods or technologies.

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  • What is an ICU bed, what are the characteristics of an ICU nursing bed, and are they different from ordinary nursing beds?


    ICU bed, commonly known as ICU nursing bed, (ICU is the abbreviation of Intensive Care Unit) is the nursing bed used in the intensive care unit. Intensive medical care is a form of medical organization management that integrates modern medical and nursing technology with the development of medica...

  • What are the commonly used trolleys in hospitals?


    What are the commonly used trolleys in hospitals? Generally speaking, medical carts are divided into emergency carts, treatment carts, infusion carts, medicine delivery carts, anesthesia carts and so on. Today I mainly popularize the medical infusion trolley for everyone. Medical infusion trolle...

  • How a walker is used


    1. Before each use of the walker, check whether the walker is stable, and whether the rubber pads and screws are damaged or loose to ensure the safety of the walker and prevent falling down due to unstable walking. 2. Keep the ground dry and the aisle unobstructed to prevent slipping or falling. ...

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