Five function electric hospital icu bed A01-3

Five function electric hospital icu bed A01-3

1. The head and tail of the bed: high-grade engineering plastic blow molding, environmentally friendly and durable
2. The composition of the bed surface: It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate as a whole, which is beautiful and sturdy.
3. Guardrail: ABS damping lift guardrail, stable and flexible protection effect is good
4. Casters: 125mm luxury central control brake silent casters
5. Rocking handle: ABS folding hidden handle
6. Weighing: ≥250kg

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The five-function hospital bed have backrest, leg rest, height adjustment, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg adjustment functions. During daily treatment and nursing, the position of the patient's back and legs are appropriately adjusted according to the needs of the patient and nursing need, which helps to relieve the pressure on the back and legs and promote blood circulation. And the height of bed surface to floor can be adjustable from 420mm ~680mm. The angle of trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg adjustment is 0-15°The purpose of treatment is achieved by intervention in the position of special patients.


Detachable ABS anti-collision bed headboard


ABS damping lifting guardrail with angle display.

Bed surface

High quality large steel plate punching bed frame L1950mm x W900mm

Brake system

Central brake central control casters,


L&K brand motors or Chinese famous brand

Power supply

AC220V ± 22V 50HZ ± 1HZ

Back lifting angle


Leg lifting angle


Forward and reverse tilting angle


Max load weight


Full Length


Full width


Height of the bed surface

Normal 420~680mm or Customized


Mattress, IV pole, Drainage bag hook, Battery



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