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Electric bed 3-functions King size Extra Low

The world’s first ultra-low bed: only 7cm above the ground to prevent the elderly from falling. The world’s first ultra-low bed prevents the potential risk of injury caused by falling off the bed, and effectively solves the problem of the footboard being too high, which affects the view.

Bed surface:1990*990mm
Height adjustable from 380 to 720mm
Back-rest lifting angle is 0-80°(±2%)
Knee-rest lifting angle is 0-45° (±2%)
Back-rest lifting & Knee-rest lifting together

There are many options for hospital beds. Hospital beds can be related to the comfort of patients and caregivers, as well as the convenience and safety of transportation. Depending on the reason why the patient is bedridden, you need to check the availability of the following options.

Patient Comfort: Several factors are important in adapting patient positioning and comfort. These factors can include: Number of intervals Incline and tilt options: Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, seated, etc. Leg rest Bed height: For example, an extra-low bed can make it easier for the patient to move.

Ergonomics for the caregiver: Comfort for the caregiver is also important and ergonomics can be improved with the following options: A backrest that can be adjusted electrically instead of manually. Lifting hospital beds that adjust height electrically rather than manually.

Weighing system Integrated storage Easy transportation: Hospital beds are available in a variety of options to facilitate patient transportation between different hospital departments. Pulleys Pedal can be opened from both sides of the bed to activate and deactivate the brakes Electric Patient Safety: To increase patient safety and prevent falls.

Medical beds are beds designed specifically for hospitalized patients or other people who need care. This kind of bed has special functions that not only make the patient feel comfortable and comfortable, but also provide convenience for the caregiver. Key features include adjustable height of the entire bed, headboard and footboard, side rails and electronic buttons to operate the bed and other nearby electronic devices.

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Post time: Sep-13-2023