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How to choose between fully automatic hospital bed and medical multifunctional electric nursing bed?

How to choose between fully automatic hospital bed and medical multifunctional electric nursing bed?

With the continuous development of economy, science and technology, and medical treatment, and the trend of population aging, medical beds are also constantly developed and updated. Medical beds have evolved from ordinary manual beds to fully automatic beds. In view of the fact that many patients need assistance to lift their backs. , turning over and other needs, so the demand for multi-functional electric turning hospital beds and fully automatic hospital beds is increasing year by year. The fully automatic turning hospital beds are mainly used by the elderly and paralyzed patients. So what effects can it bring to us? ?

For patients with limited mobility, choosing an electric turn-over bed can not only reduce the burden on hospital nursing staff and family members, but also allow patients to operate and control their own lives, improve their quality of life, and is conducive to their physical recovery. Nursing beds come in various styles and have different functions.

For disabled patients who have lost their ability to move and move, need to be bedridden for a long time, or are paralyzed, it is recommended that the use of a rollover bed can effectively prevent the three major complications of patients who have been bedridden for a long time. (Pulmonary cysts, urinary tract infections, bedsores). Water-discharging mattresses, wired remote control devices, removable multi-functional dining tables, stainless steel double-section infusion stands, etc. facilitate daily care, meet the physical and psychological requirements of patients, and further aid recovery. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the care work of medical staff and family members.

Fully automatic hospital beds and electric turning hospital beds are easy to operate. You only need to touch the remote control panel button to complete all functions, such as: active back lifting, turning left and right, sitting up by yourself, dining, entertainment and learning, leg bending exercises, etc. It can conveniently perform waist, leg, foot and ankle joint exercises to prevent muscle atrophy, etc.; it can also be used for scrubbing, reading, watching TV, learning computers, talking, upper limb exercises, etc.; it can effectively prevent the occurrence of bedsores in pressure areas when rolling over , it is of great benefit to those who stay in bed for a long time to avoid bedsores and circulatory disorders. The electric turn-over bed is also a good choice for VIP wards and deluxe rooms. It is also suitable for nursing homes and home care.

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Post time: Sep-12-2023