What kind of beds are most used in general hospital wards?

What kind of beds are most used in general hospital wards?

I personally experienced a friend hospitalized once. Due to the epidemic, the hospital only allows patients to have one accompanying family member or friend, and is not allowed to leave the hospital. There are no vacant beds in the local hospital for the patient’s family members. Due to the rush, I did not bring tools such as folding beds to rest. So I had to squeeze in a hospital bed with my patient friend.

The two of us are medium in size, but sleeping in the same hospital bed will inevitably be a bit crowded, and I am also afraid of falling asleep. Fortunately, there are two large ABS lifting guardrails on both sides of the hospital bed. So that the two of us wouldn’t fall out of bed. It’s been such a tough few days. During this period, I took good care of my friends. When he eats, I raise the back of his bed to about 75°, which is convenient for eating. The legs of this hospital bed can also be positioned at 45°. But since my friend has a hand injury and not a leg injury, we didn’t use this feature. If a patient with a leg injury comes to the hospital, the leg lift function of the hospital bed is quite practical.

After these few days, I feel that the two-function hospital bed with ABS damping lifting large guardrail is very practical, at least it protects me and my friends from falling off the bed.



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Post time: Aug-03-2022