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Rehabilitation Hospital Electric Standing Bed JLL-XLC-D/ZL-2-BLUE

Rehabilitation Hospital Electric Standing Bed JLL-XLC-D/ZL-2-BLUE

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1. Specifications and dimensions
1.1 Model specification: JLL-XLC-D/ZL-2 electric version
1.2 Dimensions (2130*1260*540±20mm):
1.3 Bed size (1960*900±20mm):
1.4 Pedal size (490*300±20mm):
2. Material and process
2.1 The bed body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel materials.
2.2 The footrest assembly is composed of an iron frame and a soft-covered wooden board, and the soft-coated wooden board is composed of a sponge and artificial leather-wrapped wooden board.
3. Performance indicators
3.1 The maximum thrust of the electric push rod: standing ≥ 8000N, lifting the back ≥ 6000N, bending the leg ≥ 6000N, turning over ≥ 6000N
3.2 Number of electric push rods: 4
3.3 The electric push rod adopts a slow speed push rod, and the speed of standing, raising the back, turning over and bending the legs is slow
3.4 The running time of the bed board from the horizontal to the upright position should not be less than 30s, and the adjustment time of other bed board parts should not be less than 30s
3.5 The controller adopts the jog control switch, and the hand controller controls the system to adjust the bed angle
3.6 Adjustable angle range of standing angle: 0°-80°±5° Adjustable angle range of back angle: 0°~65° ±10°
Adjustable angle range of turning angle: 0°~50°±10° Adjustable angle range of upward bending leg angle: 0°~30° ±5°
3.7 One-button reset function: to automatically reset the bed to its original state
3.8 Emergency stop function: a device for patient stop bed function control
3.9 Number of guardrails: 2, using 5-fold folding aluminum alloy material
3.10 Quantity of bed head and bed end: 1 each, made of ABS material
3.11 Number of casters: 4, using single brake
3.12 Quantity of fixing straps: 4. The fixing strap adopts the fast paste mode, which can be locked after being pasted tightly, and can be disassembled and moved after loosening
3.13 Number of foot rests: 1, adjustable foot rest
3.14 Number of training tables: 1
3.15 Mattress: 4CM Brown + 2CM Latex
3.16 Power supply: ~220V 50Hz
3.17 Power: ≤400VA
3.18 Fuse: 4A/250V
3.19 Noise: ≤60dB(A)
3.20 Maximum load-bearing: 1700N

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