One function hospital bed single cranks ICU medical bed

One function hospital bed single cranks ICU medical bed

The single-function medical bed is the first choice for economy. During daily treatment and nursing, the back part can be adjusted according to the needs of the patient and nursing operation, the adjustable angle is less than or equal to 75°. The patient can sit up to eat and read.

About the bed using materials. This bed uses ABS removable headboard; five-bar aluminum alloy guardrail. It’s safe, firm and with safety device. It can be folded and flat with bed surface. The casters with brake are easy to move and without noise, it is giving patients a quiet and comfortable environment. The design and parts can be customized and optional according to requirements. You can choose the design according to popular styles in your local market.

Product Detail

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One Crank Manual Hospital Bed


Detachable ABS bed headboard


Aluminum alloy and stainless steel guardrail

Bed surface

High quality large steel plate punching bed frame L1950mm x W900mm

Brake system

125mm silent with brake casters,

Back lifting angle


Max load weight


Full Length


Full width



Mattress, IV pole, Drainage bag hook, dinning table



Instruction Manual of hospital bed

Products Name

Manual one function hospital bed

Type No.

 as the label

Structural composition: (as picture)

1. Bed Headboard
2. Bed Footboard
3. Bed-frame
4. Back panel
5. Welded bed panel
6. Crank for back lifting
7. Cranking mechanism
8. Casters
9. Guardrails
10. Toilet hole device
11. Crank for toilet hole
12. Toilet hole



It is suitable for patient nursing and recuperation.


1. ABS Bed headboard and footboard as Figure 1
Install the groove of headboard and footboard with the bed frame, and locked with the hook of headboard and footboard
2. IV stand: insert the IV stand in the reserved hole.
3. ABS dinning table: Put the table on the guardrails and clamp it tightly.
4. Aluminum or stainless steel guardrails: Fixed the guardrail with screws through the holes of guardrail and bed frame.

one f

How to use

1. Back rest lifting: Turn the crank clockwise, the back panel lift
Turn the crank counterclockwise, the back panel down.
2. Toilet hole: Pull out the plug, the toilet hole is opened; push the toilet door, then insert the plug, the toilet hole is closed.
Toilet hole with crank device, turn the crank clockwise to open the toilet hole, turn the crank counterclockwise to close the toilet hole


1. Check that the headboard and footboard were fasten tightly with bed frame.
2. The safe working load is 120kg, the max load weight is 250kgs.
3. After installing the hospital bed, place it on the ground and check whether the bed body shakes.
4. The drive link should be lubricated regularly.
5. Check the casters regularly. If they are not tight, please fasten them again.


The packaged products can be transported by general ways of transport. During the transportation, please pay attention to preventing sunshine, rain and snow. Avoid transportation with toxic, harmful or corrosive substances.


Packaged products should be placed in a dry, well-ventilated room without corrosive materials or heat source.

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