Manual five function hospital bed

Manual five function hospital bed

The five-function hospital bed have backrest, leg rest, height adjustment, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg adjustment functions.  During daily treatment and nursing, the position of the patient’s back and legs are appropriately adjusted according to the needs of the patient and nursing need, which helps to relieve the pressure on the back and legs and promote blood circulation. And the height of bed surface to floor can be adjustable from 420mm ~680mm. The angle of trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg adjustment is 0-12°The purpose of treatment is achieved by intervention in the position of special patients. 

Product Detail

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Manual five function ICU bed


Detachable ABS anti-collision bed headboard


ABS damping lifting guardrail with angle display.

Bed surface

High quality large steel plate punching bed frame L1950mm x W900mm

Brake system

Central brake central control casters,


Stainless steel fold cranks

Back lifting angle


Leg lifting angle


Forward and reverse tilting angle


Max load weight


Full Length


Full width


Height of the bed surface

440mm ~ 680mm


Mattress, IV pole, Drainage bag hook, bedside locker, overbed table



Instruction Manual of Five function hospital bed

Products Name

Five function hospital bed

Type No.

as the label

Structural composition: (as picture)

1. Bed Headboard
2. Bed Footboard
3. Bed-frame
4. Back panel
5. Welded bed panel
6. Leg panel
7. Foot panel 
8. Crank for oveall lean forward
9. Crank for back lifting
10. Crank for leg lifting
11. Crank for oveall lean back
12. Guardrails
13. Casters

Manual five function hospital bed6
Manual five function hospital bed4


It is suitable for patient nursing and recuperation, and facilitate the daily care to patient.
1. The use of hospital beds should be monitored by professionals.
2. People who are taller than 2m and heavier than 200kg cannot use this bed.
3. This product should only be used by one person. Do not use two or more people at the same time.
4. The product has three functions: back lifting, leg lifting, overall lean forward, overall lean back and overall lifting.


1. Bed headboard and footboard
The inner side of the headboard and the footboard is equipped with hanging inlay. The corresponding two metal mounting columns of the headboard and the footboard shall be pressed with vertical downward force to embed the metal mounting columns into the inverted embedding groove, and locked with the hook of headboard and footboard.

2. Guardrails
Install the guardrail, fix the screws through the holes of guardrails and bed frame, fasten with nuts.

How to use

This hospital bed is equipped with three cranks, the functions are: back lifting, overall lifting, leg lifting.
1. Back rest lifting: Turn the crank clockwise, the back panel lift
Turn the crank counterclockwise, the back panel down.
2. Leg rest lifting:Turn the crank clockwise, the leg panel lift
Turn the crank counterclockwise, the leg panel down.
3. Overall lean forward:Turn the crank clockwise, overall head side lift
Turn the crank counterclockwise, overall head side down.
4. Overall lean back:Turn the crank counterclockwise, overall foot side lift
Turn the crank clockwise, overall foot side down.
5. Overall lifting: Turn the crank of overall lean forward clockwise, overall head side lift, then turn the crank of overall lean back counterclockwise, overall foot side lift;
Turn the crank of overall lean back clockwise, overall foot side down, then turn the crank counterclockwise, overall head side down.


1. Check that the headboard and footboard were fasten tightly with bed frame.
2. The safe working load is 120kg, the max load weight is 250kgs.
3. After installing the hospital bed, place it on the ground and check whether the bed body shakes.
4. The drive link should be lubricated regularly.
5. Check the casters regularly. If they are not tight, please fasten them again.
6.  When operating the functions of back lifting, leg lifting and overall lifting, don’t place the limb between the gap of bed frame and the bed panel or the guardrail, to avoid limb damage.
7. In unattended situations, the bed should be kept at the lowes height to reduce the risk of injury if the patient falls from the bed while in or out of bed.


The packaged products can be transported by general ways of transport. During the transportation, please pay attention to preventing sunshine, rain and snow.  Avoid transportation with toxic, harmful or corrosive substances.  


Packaged products should be placed in a dry, well-ventilated room without corrosive materials or heat source.

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